Our Units

Business Management

The Business Management unit oversees the Accounting and Tech/Application Support functions.

The Accounting staff processes purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices and also assists with budgeting, contracts, and fund management.

The Tech/Application Support is the department’s liaison with UA Little Rock Information Technology Services as well as vendors when it pertains to IT, is the FAMIS administrator, is the website administrator, is responsible for the maintenance, acquisition, and inventory of all computer and telephone equipment for the department, and manages the department’s foundation funds.

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety consists of Chemical Hygiene, Environmental Health, Instrumentation, Occupational Safety, and Radiation Safety.

Chemical Hygiene assists with maintaining the safety of UA Little Rock’s laboratories; handling, storing, and exposing of hazardous waste; and maintaining a chemical inventory.

Environmental Health handles asbestos assessment and abatement, ADA compliance, fire safety, accident investigation, mercury & fluorescent bulb recycling, and stormwater management.

The Instrumentation staff assists with fire safety and the maintenance of UA Little Rock’s fire extinguishers and RPZs in addition to removing stray & wild animals from the campus.

Occupational Safety manages the policies and training for the appropriate procedures for UA Little Rock’s employees.

Radiation Safety works to ensure that UA Little Rock is as free as possible from recognized radiation hazards that cause or are likely to cause harm to personnel and the surrounding community.

Energy Management

Energy Management is responsible for Central Utilities, Electrical Services, Law School Maintenance, and Mechanical Services.

Central Utilities manages the procurement, production, and distribution of utilities and for heating and cooling the campus through the production of steam and chilled water.

The Electrical Services crew performs electrical maintenance service for all campus buildings, handles minor electrical renovation projects, and serves as a liaison between Facilities Management and electrical contractors on major construction projects.

The Law School Maintenance team schedules and performs maintenance service for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services for the William H. Bowen School of Law.

Mechanical Services personnel provide 24/7 surveillance of all HVAC equipment operations as well as perform preventative and emergency maintenance service on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment for all campus buildings in addition to plumbing services for all buildings.

Operations & Services

Operations & Services oversees Central Stores/Warehouse, Custodial Services, Grounds Services, Marketing & Redistribution, Motor Pool, and the Operations Center.

The Central Stores/Warehouse directs the acquisition, storage, distribution, and inventory of supplies for the campus community and internal operations.

Custodial Services is responsible for the cleaning of offices, classrooms, academic areas, and public areas and for performing custodial maintenance in all campus buildings.

Grounds Services schedules, coordinates, designs, and performs grounds maintenance services and beautification projects for the campus as well as snow removal.

Marketing & Distribution consists of the removal, destruction, and selling of unwanted surplus property. The warehouse staff collects the surplus property on campus after being notified by the property accountant and delivers it to the State Marketing & Redistribution Warehouse.

The Motor Pool schedules and performs routine and emergency service on all campus vehicles including lease vehicles and grounds maintenance equipment; maintains the fuel supply for all motorized vehicles and equipment and performs state safety inspections for all campus vehicles; and assists in maintaining records of operation and maintenance costs for all vehicles.

The Operations Center handles billable work orders, cost estimates, and all aspects of vehicle leases in addition to answering all calls to the department’s main phone line.

Planning & Capital Construction

Planning & Capital Construction comprises construction and renovation, the Lock Shop, and Structural Services.

Construction and Renovation services range from minor renovations to new capital construction. The process begins with consultation and design and flows through to completion and occupancy of the new and renovated space.

The Lock Shop provides keys and swipe cards to the campus, performs installation and maintenance of certain locks, and maintains records of all keys and swipe cards that are issued.

Structural Services has skilled craftsmen, painters, and carpenters that assist with remodeling and renovation services, equipment installations, and scheduling and performing all structural-related maintenance services for all campus buildings (i.e. painting offices, building shelves, carpet replacement, interior and exterior signage, etc.).