Grade Appeals (501.6) and Academic Offenses (501.13)

501.6 Policy Revision V0: AY 18-19 [DOC – DRAFT][PDF] <—> 501.13 Policy Revision V0: AY 18-19 [DOC-DRAFT][PDF]

NOTE: the reason that both 501.6 and 501.13 are being maintained in the same page is that both policies interact with each other. Historically, these policies were administratively separated because academic affairs manages grade appeals and student affairs manages academic integrity.

Grade Appeals

Scholars Program (5/7/1984) – not related to grade appeals

  • Minutes (11/11/2005) – does not appear to be grade appeals or academic offenses
  • Minutes (4/20/1990); motion in the agenda – misconduct in research, letter of concern; motion was tabled and does not appear to have returned.