The Google web client

Regardless of the email client you use most often, there are numerous features in the Google Apps web client that you may find helpful.

  • Account settings such as activating IMAP, setting vacation auto-responses
  • Fast and flexible search of all your archived mail
  • Mail filtering (including overriding Google’s spam filter)
  • Access from any web browser without setup
  • Messages and replies grouped naturally into conversations
  • Ability to flag messages with multiple labels instead of filing into single folders
  • Archive of messages for future reference (instead of deletion)
  • Integrated tools such as Calendar, Chat, Docs, and Tasks

We encourage you to try these features by logging in to

Information about all supported email clients including the web client, mobile devices and desktop clients (like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.) can be found at this website. You may also contact the Help Desk at 501.916.3011 or for assistance.

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