How do you log in?

We have a number of log-in accounts at UALR, and knowing the correct username and password to use with an application can sometimes be confusing. To improve the experience for all users of UALR applications, IT Services is modifying key support information, beginning with our log-in screens themselves.

Log-in screens

We are adding a link labeled Trouble logging in? (view example) to all log-in screens (where possible). Need help determining which account to use or how to reset your password? This new link will take to you the correct information for each application.


The list of accounts includes columns for Account, Type, and a Description.

New BOSS screen

BOSS is where you can view the list of your individual accounts as well as change the passwords on those accounts. We are updating BOSS—specifically, the Change Passwords or View Usernames and IDs screen (view example)—to provide better descriptions of the services each UALR account is used for. For example, your NetID is used to log into, among others, the wireless network, Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Drive/Docs), Blackboard, and myUALR.

New application registry

IT Services manages a large portfolio of applications for the university. Finding out information about any single application can be confusing, especially for new employees and students. Our constituents need a reliable way to orient themselves when they begin using UALR applications such as email, BOSS, Banner, etc.

We are adding an application registry to the IT Services website. Each application at UALR will have a page with a description about what the application does, who can use it, how to log in, and how to get support.

The registry will be launched with the following commonly-used applications, but we will be adding to this list very soon.

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