New Banner request process available Nov. 20

IT Services is pleased to introduce a replacement for the current paper-based process used to request access to Banner. Instead of routing paper forms and signatures between departments, all tasks and approvals will now be handled via ServiceNow and email notifications. Access to the new process may require submitters to log in using their NetID credentials for added security and ease-of-use.

Launch date

The new process will replace the existing form on the IT Services Accounts and Access site starting Nov. 20, 2017.

Filling out the new form

While many of the same concepts and questions were carried over from the previous paper form, there are a number of changes in the new online process. Review the following tutorial to become more familiar with the new process.

Employee Information

In the first section of the form, enter information about the employee needing access to Banner, including the name of the employee, the name of the direct report/supervisor, existing Banner account status, and any relevant employment dates.

First section of form

Request Information

Select the type of Banner access requested. Some access types are related and will be selected automatically to prevent incongruous options (e.g. selecting TimeClock Plus Approval without HR-General Inquiry).

Second section of form

Contact Information

Finally, requestors are asked to provide contact information in the event there are any questions about the request.

Third section of form

Once the form has been completed and submitted, it is automatically routed via email to supervisors and functional owners for approval.

If you need help with the new Banner authorization process, please contact IT Services for assistance.

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