Computer lab is getting a remodel

The IT Services computer lab is undergoing an exciting remodel this semester. The new Active Learning Classroom required changing the layout of the computer lab, and IT Services decided to take the opportunity to remodel the area.

Work is on track to have the remodeled lab open by the end of the fall semester.

What’s involved

The planned layout of the new IT lab. Coming through the existing doors, two collaboration areas are on the right, and a bar-height table with workstations is on the left, with the customer counter further back. The back half of the lab is taken up by two large groupings of workstations, and the back wall has another bar-height table with workstations facing out the windows.This is the first major upgrade to the computer lab in at least 10 years. As part of the remodel:

  • A wall is being removed so the remaining space has a more open feel.
  • There will be new carpet.
  • The carpet wainscoting in the lab will be removed and the walls will be repainted.
  • The ceiling tiles will be replaced and the fluorescent lights cleaned.
  • New computer tables will be purchased. They will be a combination of traditional desks and bar-height desks with bar stool seating (similar to the cafeteria).
  • A new employee desk with customer counter will be installed to serve as the home base for customer support.
  • Two new wall monitors will display information about the lab, library, and campus.
  • New sofas and chairs will be purchased to create two collaboration areas for students.
  • The collaboration areas will each have a dedicated wall monitor, with an HDMI cable, for student use.

The collaboration areas, grouping of modern armchairs and couches upholstered in grey and red, grouped around light wood coffee tables.

The Adaptive Technologies Lab will get new carpeting and paint, but it will remain mostly the same, since it was upgraded last year.

The computers used in the lab are “thin clients” that allow students to access a virtual Windows 10 desktop. The infrastructure supporting the virtual machines was upgraded this summer.

Computers moving into library lobby

While the IT Services space will have fewer computers because there is less space available after the addition of the Active Learning Classroom, the overall number of computers available to students will be the same. The computers that will not fit in the new lab space have been moved into the Ottenheimer Library lobby, and they provide the same virtual machine experience that students get in the lab.


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