Transfer to new housing software complete

IT Services has completed the project, in collaboration with Campus Living, to transition to StarRez, a new housing operations software system. This project ran concurrently with Student Affairs’ move to Maxient, and IT Services completed both projects in only a few months. The process began in May, and StarRez went live the week of Sept. 16.

StarRez streamlines many university business and administrative functions, such as projecting revenue, tracking rental payments, billing, and maintenance requests. It also tracks occupancy and growth, an area where the department’s previous system had reached its limit.

Campus Living had been using Adirondack Solutions software called The Housing Director since probably the early 2000s but determined that it no longer met the department’s needs. Campus Living wanted to prioritize a system that could help it serve around 1,000 resident students, spread across four residence halls and an apartment complex, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

After searching for a software system that could fulfill those needs, the department selected StarRez. The new system will be used for:

  • Housing applications and room assignments
  • Creating forms to track residents’ needs
  • Housing arrangements for guests on campus
  • Maintenance requests
  • Reporting and analytics

IT Services implemented both software switches at the same time and in addition to the department’s regular work. After a vendor for the software was identified and a contract was signed, staff from Campus Living, Student Affairs, and  IT Services met weekly with StarRez to share information and make sure the technical requirements of each side were met. That ranged from university branding (logos, school colors, etc.) to functionality and data transfer.

After those technical requirements were met, StarRez conducted a three-day on-site training for StarRez users, including IT Services, Campus Living, the Bursar’s Office, and the Dean of Students’ Office, and the system is now live.

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