A message from the CIO: Project One

In the fall of 2018, UA Little Rock went live with the upgrade from Banner 8 to Banner 9. This change included significantly reworking some of our business processes which effectively reduced system complexity and eliminated many of the custom workflows. The Banner 9 project was a tremendous success due to the willingness and ability of the Banner user community to come together and complete the task while recognizing the importance of such a significant change. They kept an open mind and acknowledged the many advantages provided by the Banner 9 out-of-the-box solution.

Although it’s been just a few months, the positive campus perspective that allowed UA Little Rock to successfully launch Banner 9 is needed once again – yet to an even greater level. In just a matter of a few months, the monumental Project One enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation will be coming to fruition with the rollout of two major system functions. 

In July, the cloud-based Workday ERP system will replace the Banner Human Resources (HR) and Finance applications. This action will result in streamlining our business processes and aligning them as much as possible with our University of Arkansas System peers. As a result of the Workday project, many of our underlying business and workflow processes will be revamped to take advantage of an integrated system. 

Many business units across campus have been, and continue to be, highly involved in the design and prototype process. However, much more work is needed as the designs are finalized and incorporated in Workday over the final few months. This transition will be very significant and will touch every employee (and eventually every student) in the coming years. Workday will provide our campus great opportunities, but as with all opportunities, considerable change and preparation is needed.

I’m positive that our campus is well positioned to tackle these changes. I trust that the momentum we have from successfully launching Banner 9 can be carried forward with Project One and will set us on the course to further modernizing much of the university’s workflow and business processes. 

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