Workday security role request form

Over the past few months IT Services has partnered with department directors within the areas of Finance and Human Capital Management (HCM) to develop a workflow-enhanced form for campus users and supervisors.

Image of new Workday security role request formThis new form will allow supervisors the capacity to request that some specific additional Workday security roles be granted to their employee’s Workday profile. These additional security roles will provide the employee with enhanced business process abilities within the Workday platform. Significantly, the new form provides the benefit of allowing departments to gain more flexibility when determining which  employees will be responsible for handling  business critical tasks within their respective areas.

The goal is to have a centralized, multi-purpose solution that will provide campus users with a single location for requesting security roles that require approval from a diverse group of campus leaders. We are using a phased approach in developing this solution by first focusing on the Office of Procurement and Financial Services areas before moving forward with incorporating the HCM area.

At this time, campus users are permitted to request security roles pertaining to the Office of Procurement’s business processes by selecting “Request Workday Security Roles” from the UA Little Rock Workday website.

Upon completion of this project later in 2021, campus users will be able to request additional security roles for business processes pertaining to the following areas:

  • Budget
  • Financial Services
  • Procurement Service
  • Department of Human Resources
  • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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