Legacy NetID Services

Some applications have not been migrated to log in with the new NetID 2.0 account. Instead, these services require the original NetID username format (e.g., abc1).

The Argos reporting tool was designed to provide readily available pre-designed reports and a flexible, user-friendly ad-hoc report building tool.
Astra Schedule

The Academic and Event Scheduling Policy states that academic course and event scheduling is managed using Astra Schedule, a web-based software scheduling management system.

Astra lets you view the course schedule, events schedule, and room availability. Event criteria determines its placement on a calendar.

Several calendars are available, including:

Academic Calendar
Admissions, financial aid, and registration deadlines and first/last day of classes
Alumni Association events
Sporting events
Campus Life
Student events
Class Schedule
Current semester
Cultural Events
Music, dance, theater, and visual arts
Meetings & Lectures
Public seminars, workshops and other educational events

UALR students and employees may subscribe to important dates on their personal Google calendar. The subscription tool makes it easy to select among the following categories you want to appear on your calendar.

  • Academic Schedule
  • Admissions (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Bursar (Cashier and Student Accounts)
  • Financial Aid
  • Holidays
  • Human Resources
  • Registration
FormFusion simplifies the generation of letters and other correspondence involving data from Banner. Examples include creating financial aid award Letters, formatting 1099’s, or arranging missing information letters for new students.

ImageNow is a document imaging system used to electronically store and retrieve images of documents. ImageNow is available in a client version that is necessary for inputting documents into the system, as well as a web version (known as WebNow) that can be used for viewing/read-only purposes.

Virtual private networking (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) connection allows remote access to campus-only services (such as restricted web applications or office computers) from outside the campus network.

Notice: The VPN service was upgraded on Sunday, May 16, 2021. If you have an existing connection profile, you will not be able to connect to the university VPN until you remove and recreate your connection settings.

If you have trouble connecting to VPN after May 16, please follow the updated instructions to remove and reconfigure your VPN connection with the new settings.

WebNow is the web version of ImageNow that is only used for viewing (read-only access). If your department does not need to enter documents into the system, and only needs to view existing documents, you can request a WebNow account.
Wireless network
The wireless network provides current students, recent graduates, current employees, and UA Little Rock guests with access to both campus and internet services. Wireless network services are also available on the Bowen School of Law campus.