Mailing lists

Mailing list creation and management is provided as a service to the university community. Mailing lists are collections of email addresses that can be used for announcements, group discussion, course communication, or as a distribution list.


Before you subscribe to campus-wide discussion lists such as FACFOCUS, please review the university’s policy on campus-wide discussion lists.

Subscribe to a public mailing list

To subscribe to a mailing list, send an email message (from the email account you wish to subscribe) to with the following text in the body (not the subject) of the message:

subscribe <list name> <your first name> <your last name>

Example: subscribe FACFOCUS John Doe

Unsubscribe from a public mailing list

To unsubscribe from a mailing list, send an email message (from the subscribed email account) to with the following text in the body of the message:

signoff <list name>

Example: signoff FACFOCUS

Use academic course lists

Each academic course section has a mailing list automatically created at the beginning of each semester. The lists are named using the course subject code, course number, and section number. Mailing lists for multiple course sections cannot be merged.

Assigned instructors and registered students are automatically added as subscribers to each course list. Lists are closed so that only subscribers may post to them.

Instructors are automatically set to be list owners, allowing changes to the behavior and configuration of a course list. However, the list of subscribers may not be changed as automatic updates to list subscribers occur hourly.

Examples of academic course lists
Course List name
Rhetoric and Writing 1300 section 10
Rhetoric and Writing 7310 section 1
Rhetoric and Writing 5307 section 999