Project One

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The Project One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative will bring many changes to the University of Arkansas system and its associated universities to streamline business processes in line with best practices for our field.

Among the many benefits of a new ERP system, increased efficiency is a key focus. The university system is currently understaffed, so a new ERP system will allow for roles to change.

Other key principles include:

  • One solution for the University of Arkansas System
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Maintaining institutional branding
  • Focusing on analytics and decision-making
  • Providing a modern, mobile friendly, interface
  • Incorporating finance, human resources and student administration into one solution
  • Cloud-based system
  • Single identity for students and employees

The current ERP / SIS system will be replaced by the new unified ERP system.  The new ERP system will bring about new processes as well as new abilities never thought possible before, including the ability for students and staff to move between institutions within the system with ease.