Cory Bates

Name: Cory Bates

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Undergraduate: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Program: Full-time

Graduation year: 2018

Student Organizations: President of OutLaw Legal Society and member of the Black Law Students Association.


Making a difference with the law

I am working at the Tellez Law Firm in North Little Rock. I am interested in Special Education Law, likely due to my being a former teacher. I also enjoy criminal defense and am growing fond of Family Law.

Bowen was the right choice

I decided to go to Bowen first and foremost because of the low cost of tuition. I also wanted to move back to Little Rock to spend some time with my aunt.

Not just a law student

I hope that I have shown a commitment to service and leadership with my efforts to help build awareness of LGBTQIA issues faced by Arkansans. Most of that work has been done with OutLaw, and I expect to continue through participation in QLaw Arkansas.

Finding Inspiration

I am motivated by those who, in the face of opposition or discomfort, are brave enough to stand up against bullying and hate. Whether in high school, college, or the professional legal community, I am inspired by those who manage to overcome the social pressures and advocate for justice, fairness, and equality for all.




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