Mark Yablon

Name: Mark Yablon

Hometown: Pasadena, Texas

Undergrad: B.B.A. in Business-Journalism from Baylor University

Program: Full-Time

Graduation year: May 2018

Student organizations: Executive Editor, Arkansas Journal of Social Change and Public Service President, Federal Bar Association / Law Student Division, President, Pulaski County Bar Association / Law Student Division, Vice President, The Federalist Society / Law Student Division.

Not just a law student

I extern for U.S. District Judge James “Jay” Moody, Jr., of the Eastern District of Arkansas and am a Rule XV Student Attorney in Bowen’s Consumer Protection Clinic. I also try to expose fellow students to outstanding speakers (federal and state judges, law clerks, and timely topical speakers) at school and to community events to help increase their networking opportunities and potential for quality employment. I’m currently writing a law magazine article in support of federal, involuntary civil appointments, and it should be published by the spring.

Making a difference with the law

I’m interested in so many areas, including commercial and civil litigation, class action, bankruptcy, family law, real estate transactions, eminent domain, estate planning, and elder law. These areas touch entrepreneurs and I have a business background, which I hope will give me a competitive advantage. I also want to help close the civil justice gap that plagues cash-strapped business owners and the middle class.

Bowen was the right choice

I wanted the following: 1) A low-cost, respected law school 2) in a bustling, capital city with friendly people 3) where I could envision living post-graduation. Bowen fit the bill and the tuition here is less than any ABA accredited law school in my home state of Texas. In other words, Bowen’s ROI is outstanding and hard to beat anywhere.

Finding Inspiration

God, my parents, and four daughters inspire me. God has blessed me with outstanding parents and children. My mom, age 87, and dad, age 90, worked hard and continue to encourage me during difficult times and celebrate victories with me in good times. They always said they wanted my brother and me to do better than them, and I desire the same for my four daughters. I pray I will be able to provide for my family beyond mere finances as my parents have done.

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