Career Outlook

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Am I going to have a job when I graduate?

We can’t guarantee that. Just as business school can’t, or nursing school can’t, or an education degree can’t. A law degree is not a ticket to the “never unemployed” line.

This is what we know. Getting into law school is difficult. If you get accepted, you are bright and hardworking. After law school, you will have professional knowledge and skills to be a successful lawyer – and you will still be bright and hard working.

We will help you as much as we can to begin your legal career. From your First Week on campus with our Professional Mentoring Program, past graduation with our Concurrent Bar Prep Program, we will teach you the tools to pursue that career.

Building a career lies in making connections, climbing the employment ladder, and learning the ropes. It lies in being a good prospective employee, and then being that good employee. That would be the case no matter what career you pursued.

If you’re wondering what sort of career you can pursue with a law degree, here’s a list of 300 things you can do with a law degree.