Library Assessment

Continuous Improvement

UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library is dedicated to continuously improving library services, collections, and facilities. Library assessment is an ongoing process, using a variety of methods to evaluate and measure how effective the Library is in achieving its mission. Ongoing assessment provides library faculty and staff with data needed to improve services, identify changing patterns in users’ needs, and promote library resources and services.

Student Learning and Assessment

UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library provides enriched learning environments, supporting co-curricular student learning and development opportunities through information literacy instruction, student employee training, and culturally diverse collections and programming. These activities focus on critical thinking, cultural and ethical awareness, practical skills, and leadership and self-development.

Critical Thinking and Practical Skills

Research and Information Literacy Exploration

In 2020, the library developed a five year assessment plan for Research and Information Literacy Exploration (RISE) following Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) and ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

Student Learning Outcome Areas:
SLO 1 Library Resources
SLO 2 Research Inquiry
SLO 3 Information Creation & Authority (Scholarly Conversations)
SLO 4 Searching & Exploration
SLO 5 Information Value (Scholarly Conversations)

Leadership and Applied Skills

Student Vision Partners

The purpose of the Library Vision Partners (VPs) is to encourage two-way communication between the library and students. VPs who serve offer strategic advice concerning library services, spaces, collections, and policies and work with the library to support Ottenheimer Library student success initiatives.

Student-led Library Assessment Activities

Library Space Study 2019-20

Student conducted focus groups to help the Ottenheimer Library understand student’s use and perceptions of library spaces.  As members of the Space Study Task Force, students also conduct observations, analyze data and communicate to internal and external stakeholders.

A Look at the Culture of an Arkansas Library 2019

Organizational Communication Culture Analysis (ACOM 7322) students assessed the Ottenheimer Library’s organizational culture and communication.