Library Assessment

Continuous Improvement

UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library is dedicated to continuously improving library services, collections, and facilities. Library assessment is an ongoing process, using a variety of methods to evaluate and measure how effective the Library is in achieving its mission. Ongoing assessment provides library faculty and staff with data needed to improve services, identify changing patterns in users’ needs, and promote library resources and services.

Student-led Library Assessment Activities

Student-Led Focus Groups (2019-20)

Student will conduct focus groups to help the Ottenheimer Library understand student’s use and perceptions of library spaces.  As members of the Space Study Task Force, students also conduct observations, analyze data and communicate to internal and external stakeholders.

A Look at the Culture of an Arkansas Library

Organizational Communication Culture Analysis (ACOM 7322) students assessed the Ottenheimer Library’s organizational culture and communication.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (2017)

Marketing Research (MKTG 4310) students assessment of Ottenheimer Library staff customer service using secret shopper model and observation.

Usability Test Findings and Analysis Report (2017)

Usability Testing & Design (RHET 4372/5372) students conducted a usability test to evaluate  the Ottenheimer Library website (

Environmental Analysis for Low Vision Users (2013)

Environmental Analysis (RHBL 7325) student analysis of Ottenheimer Library building effectiveness for low vision users

Library Assessment Activities

Library Services for Distance Education Users Survey (2017)

Follow-up survey to 2016 distance learners survey, assessing distance learners communication preference order to implement communication strategy.

Distance Learners (Online Users) Library Survey (2016)

Assess distance learners utilization of library services that are available to online and distance education students.

Library Use During Extended Hours (2016)

Observation of late night library usage during extended hours.

Library Equipment Usage Statistics (2016)

Analysis of demand for equipment in circulation.

Developing a GIS Resource Service at a Community-Engaged Metropolitan University (2015)

Final report submitted to Amigos Library Service with project outcomes related to library-based geographic information system (GIS) resource service.

Learning Commons Task Force Report (2014)

Study of best technology practices in academic libraries; recommendations for an active community for teaching, learning, discovery, and exploration in which technology plays an integral role.

Library Laptop User Survey (2013)

Survey of laptop service to determine customer satisfaction and ideas for improvements.

Write on the Wall Survey (2012)

“Write on the Wall” survey to obtain student ideas on how to transform the library second floor group study into a technology-rich student learning space.

University Archives Assessment (2012)

Third-party examination of the University’s archives and its operation with recommendations for actions to collect, preserve, catalog, and provide access to the history of the University and thus provide a foundation for the future growth of the institution.

SGA Library Hours Survey (2011)

UALR Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored survey soliciting campus interest in extended hours for Ottenheimer Library.

Collection Analysis Project (2011)

Evaluation of the relevance of our current collections and increasing access to information resources and services.

LibQUAL+® Survey (2008)

Survey to improve library services, change organizational culture, and market the library.

Library Focus Groups (2008)

Third-party site visit and focus group session assessment of current user perceptions.

Library Focus Groups (2007)

Third-party site visit and focus group session assessment of current user perceptions.

Student Learning

UA Little Rock Ottenheimer Library provides an enriched educational environment, supporting co-curricular student learning and development opportunities through information literacy instruction, student employee training, and culturally diverse collections and programming. These activities focus on critical thinking, cultural and ethical awareness, practical skills, and leadership and self-development.

Information Literacy and Critical Thinking

In 2017, the Library (formally a unit of Collections & Archives) developed the C&A Instruction plan and  rubric to guide information literacy program and assessment activities.

For 2019-20, the University Assessment Academy charged five co-curricular (Counseling Services, Military Success, Study Abroad, Ottenheimer Library, the Student Success Workshop Series within the Trojan Academic Advising and Support Center) units with building 5-year plans based on Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) standards.  For this study, the library developed an assessment plan for Critical Information Literacy, which included student learning outcomes mapped to CAS student learning outcome domains and ACRL IL framework.

Student Learning Outcome Areas:
SLO 1 Library Resources
SLO 2 Research Inquiry
SLO 3 Information Creation & Authority (Scholarly Conversations)
SLO 4 Searching & Exploration
SLO 5 Information Value (Scholarly Conversations)

Library Instruction Assessment (2018)

Students self-reported what they learned about the library spaces, resources, or services during librarian-led lectures.

General Education Blackboard Outcomes Assessment Pilot (2017)

Assessment of student annotated bibliographies as artifacts to measure students’ ability to evaluate information.  See also, Pilot Results.

FYE Library Instruction Assessment (2017)

FYE students self-reported on the effectiveness of the scavenger hunt and their awareness of library spaces, resources, and services.

Library Instruction Faculty Evaluations  (2012 – 2014)

Faculty evaluation of librarian-led guest lectures.

Project SAILS Assessment of Information Literacy  (2012)

Cultural Enrichment and Development

Hey Siri! Define Middle East (2019).

Panel discussion on defining Middle East based on monolithic views on religion, culture, and geography and the impact and challenges of Middle Eastern immigrants in United States and Arkansas.  See also, Library Program Evaluation Summary .

Becoming American: A Documentary Film and Discussion Series on Our Immigration Experience (2019)

Series of film screenings and scholar-led discussions on immigration in America. See also, Final Report
Grant #253647; Library Program Evaluation Summary.

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Book Discussion (2018)

Book discussion complementing the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Winthrop Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series for Matthew Desmond.

National Endowment of the Arts Big Read of Into the Beautiful North (2017)

Series of presentations, book discussions, film screenings, and related arts programming about Into the Beautiful North to encourage dialogue on the Mexican heritage experience

Binding Communities: Cuba’s Ediciones Vigía and the Art of the Book and Entrepreneurs (2017)

Exhibition, talks & events at various campus locations celebrating artistry, ingenuity, and the power of the book featuring 71 artists’ books from the handmade collective Ediciones Vigía.  Video Credit: UALRTV Published on Apr 3, 2017

Leadership and Personal Development

Library Peer Training and Student Professional Development (2018)

Structured learning and training for student employees focusing on leadership, communication, technology, and critical thinking.