UALR makes list of top university sales programs

The Ohio-based Sales Education Foundation(SEF) has named the Center for Professional Selling at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock a 2013 Top University Sales Program, noting its national reputation for producing sales professionals who find employment.

The foundation seeks to elevate the sales profession and increase awareness of the positive impact of sales on the economy and society.

SEF Executive Director Sally Stevens said the program topped the annual list again because of its record of providing a strong applied sales curriculum, university recognition for individuals completing the program, and opportunities for experiential learning, including internships.

“With a track record for producing top sales talent, it’s no wonder that sales students have a job placement rate at graduation of 90 percent in their field, compared to approximately 45 percent in other graduate fields,” she said.

UALR’s Center for Professional Selling offers students the choice of a business-to-business sales concentration within the marketing major, an 12-hour sales minor, or a 12-hour sales certificate.

Stevens said company officials are paying more attention to sales program graduates with the increased focus on sales and services. A majority of students who graduate and enter sales will fail due to lack of professional preparation, according to the SEF.

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