Show’s production brings it all together

Using all the skills they have learned during their college career, Radio, Television and Film seniors produce “The Seventh Floor,” a weekly live-to-tape show broadcasting on Channel 62 Fridays at 10 p.m. and again Saturdays at midnight.

The capstone course is a real-world experience for the students.

“Once we get rolling, the students handle everything,” Dr. Mark Giese, associate professor said. Giese also acts as executive producer for the 30-minute show.

And if the students don’t get the job done, he said, they can be fired.

“Before this class, the students have been able to work on their own; in the real world you don’t produce television by yourself,” Giese said. “Part of this class is teaching people how to treat each other with respect and how to work together.”

First, students meet and pitch segment ideas to the rest of the class and Giese.

“The student(s) who make the winning pitches become the lead producer for that segment,” Giese said.

As line producer, the student is responsible for producing the six- to seven-minute cover story for the episode, producing a Man-in-the Street interview segment based on the topic of the cover story, ensuring copy has been prepared for the on-air talent and the teleprompter, and assigning crew for the taping, among other duties. Other jobs on the set include director, assistant director, floor director, technical director, audio, teleprompter, graphics, and tape operator. These jobs can rotate on a weekly basis depending upon how many students are enrolled in the class.

Cover stories for this spring’s production have included the Little Rock Zoo, the 50th anniversary of the integration of Central High School, and violence in the media.

Giese hopes to make “The Seventh Floor” the signature show for Channel 62 by being able to offer the class program every semester.

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