Jessica liked the School of Mass Communication and UALR

jessica franklinOne strategic communication student in the School of Mass Communication liked the program and UALR even before she got here.

Jessica Franklin, a SMC junior who graduated from Benton High School, chose UALR because it was close to home. She was familiar with the campus and liked it because her grandfather used to teach criminal justice classes as well as being the head of UALR police.

Franklin chose public relations because it “seemed really interesting and fun and I wanted to purse a career in public relations.”

Out of her classes, she says that Web Design has been her most challenging so far. “Before that class, I knew nothing about web pages and how they worked and now I have the skills and knowledge to build my own.” She feels that this class will help her achieve her ultimate goal.

“I want to find a career locally in Arkansas to gain experience but eventually go to Dallas, Orlando, or any major city to work for a PR firm.”

Franklin’s hobbies include going to the gym and cooking.

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