Alumni Spotlight: Jason Brown

Jason Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with an emphasis on Strategic Communication in 2008. He is now the director of public relations for The Communications Group, which specializes in providing marketing and public relations services to business-to-business, agriculture and government-to-citizen clients across the U.S. and in Europe.

What made you choose the School of Mass Communication? 
“I chose the UA Little Rock’s School of Mass Communication because of its emphasis in journalism. I knew that, in order to be a successful public relations practitioner, I would need a good grasp on journalism. During my time there, I was given the opportunity to conduct interviews, write news stories, develop broadcast scripts and even lay out an entire newspaper. These experiences gave me the opportunity to grasp the challenges that journalists face so, as a PR pro, I could be better prepared to provide information to them as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

What’s the most important thing you took away from your studies at UA Little Rock? 
“I graduated from UA Little Rock with experience in my industry that resulted in a full-time job in my field within 60 days. I’m still with the same company, now as Director of Public Relations, which wouldn’t have been possible without graduating from UA Little Rock.”

What were your favorite Mass Comm classes? 
“I really enjoyed Frank Fellone’s ethics and law class. We discussed some challenging issues, especially regarding ethics in communications. As a PRSA [Public Relations Society of America] board member and accredited professional, I take ethics very seriously and am grateful for the foundation that Professor Fellone helped me build.”

What advice would you give to current students? 
“I offer a few pieces of advice to all communications students: 1) Understand you will spend the majority of your days writing. If that sounds good, practice as much as possible while you’re in school. If that sounds bad, look into another profession. 2) Gain some communications experience while you’re in school. If that’s a credited internship, great! If that’s creating an opportunity for yourself, like writing the church bulletin or planning your local 5K, that’s great too. Just make the experience happen, no matter what it takes. 3) Understand that no job is too small, no task too unimportant and embrace that. If you’re the first to jump at the little things, you’ll learn valuable lessons and get noticed by the decision makers.

Who was a faculty member who made a strong impact on you and your career path? 
“I am incredibly grateful for the experiences shared with Amy Barnes and Sonny Rhodes. Both took a sincere interest in me as a student and pushed me to achieve, even when I didn’t think it was possible. I’m proud to say that I stay in touch with both of them all these years later and value not only my time in their classrooms, but our relationships as friends now.”

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