Student Spotlight: Talia Winkler

Senior Talia Winkler of Little Rock is a Mass Communication major with an emphasis in strategic communication. She is minoring in Applied Design with an emphasis on woodwork.

What has been your biggest academic achievement?
“When I was 30 years old I was just working to get by, and I made the decision to return to school. I had my two-year degree, but I knew I wanted to finish. So I returned to UALR, and I continued to work full time, which was a struggle. Although now that I am finally going to graduate it is all worth it.”

What has been your favorite memory at UA Little Rock?
“I have grown up with a family that loves UA Little Rock. As a little girl, my grandparents, my mother and I would all go to Barton Coliseum to watch the Trojans basketball team, when Wimp Sanderson was the coach. Naturally I was thrilled when, my first year back at Little Rock, the men’s basketball team won the Sun Belt and made it to the NCAA tournament. It was so exciting to get to watch with my grandparents, who still have season tickets and attend all home games.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
“I have always done art my whole life, and returning to UA Little Rock and taking courses in the Applied Design department has really brought art back into my life. I have an art business called Talia Winkler Design, I sell paintings, paint murals, and plan on incorporating wood furniture once I have a bit more free time.”

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