EAC open house to introduce visitors to virtual worlds

An EAC staff member demonstrates some of the center's virtual technology capabilities

Curious about the latest in virtual reality and ground-breaking technology?

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) will host an Open House Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16-17. The free event welcomes visitors between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but pre-registration is required.

EAC Director Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira said the event, which will engage the center’s faculty, staff, and students in a variety of hands-on activities, is an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in computer-generated worlds.

“Our hope is the visitor is captivated by the discovery, wonder, and fun aspects of virtual and augmented realities,” Cruz-Neira said.

A colorful demonstration of some of the capabilities at the UALR Emerging Analytics CenterAttendees will experience the scientific applications, engineering environments, architectural designs, training activities, educational experiences, business analytics, and art spaces that stem from the dynamics of virtual and augmented reality, she said.

Featured applications include using a 26-projector immersive CAVE, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, a 180-degree immersion dome, and a variety of mobile devices to demonstrate all the center offers.

“Whether you are a professional seeking technology strategies to enhance your business, a parent wanting to expose your children to emerging technologies, or an inquiring mind who wants to know what’s on the technology horizon in Arkansas, this is your event,” Cruz-Neira said.

Cruz-Neira added that visitors will be inspired by UALR’s student and faculty creativity and amazed at how virtual reality is made.

“The EAC is a space where art, science and technology intersect. You will be proud to see all that is happening right here at UALR,” she said.

For tickets and other event information visit this link or contact Kendra Boyle at EACevents@ualr.edu or at 501.569.8380.

Virtual anatomy demonstrated at the EAC

About the EAC

The Emerging Analytics Center is a convergence of expertise in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, visual analytics, and immersive visualization. The EAC brings together innovative faculty, talented students, experienced researchers, and dynamic industry partners to address large-scale problems to support and advance Arkansas’s competitiveness, technological innovation, and visionary leadership.

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