Communication Skills Center opens satellite location

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

The Communication Skills Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock recently opened a satellite location with the hope of helping more students easily access its resources.

Located in the Ottenheimer Library student computer lab, the skills center provides the center the opportunity to reach more students and build awareness of the organization’s resources.

“We’re here to assist students with any aspect of the presentation process,” said Sayra Crandall, assistant director of the skills center.

The satellite location is open to all students from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Students can set up appointments for help with numerous topics, including brainstorming ideas, organizing content, creating effective presentations, and learning how to adapt messages to audiences.

“Our goal is to always provide ethical feedback,” Crandall said. “We want students to leave us knowing that there are trusted people who want to help them do their very best.”

Interns and assistants in the primary skills center were excited about the new location, as the first time this was attempted, it didn’t go as well as planned.

“When we tried this last semester, it was unsuccessful,” Crandall said. “There wasn’t much advertising done, and we were located in a back room of the computer lab, so no one knew we were there.”

Although there was talk about giving up on the idea, Crandall took on the project as her own, determined to find a way to reach students.

“I got excited about the project and promoted it as much as I could,” Crandall said. “I knew that we needed to be in a visible location. Now, I can tell students what we have to offer as they come through the door, whether they need us or not.”

Crandall says that only time will tell how successful the new location will be. For more information, contact Crandall at or book an appointment here.

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