Computer sciences grad creates one-stop-shop health care app

Jyothsna Lankireddy wants to make health care more accessible and easier to understand. 

She is creating an easy-to-use app, “Digital Hospital and Medical Application,” that will allow users to input medical problems, find a diagnosis, and get medical advice.

The app also will locate the nearest and best medical facilities, give first aid tips, and exercise and nutrition advice.

The health app is Lankireddy’s final project for her master’s degree in computer science. She graduated May 13 from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

When Lankireddy was searching for a master’s program in the United States, UA Little Rock came up as one of the top choices in her search.

Coming to Little Rock was a welcome change after spending a week in Dallas when she first arrived in the country from India.

“I was very shocked about the crowds and traffic in Dallas,” she said. “When I came to Little Rock, it was very pleasant, quiet, and cool. I enjoyed the greenery and parks.”

Her first foray in the American workforce was Starbucks, where she learned how to make a lot of coffee, handle American currency, and better understand American accents.

“At first, it was difficult, but I enjoyed working there,” she said. “American accents were very different, but now I understand how people speak.”

Through a career fair at UA Little Rock, Lankireddy found an internship at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. She also worked as a technical assistant at Ottenheimer Library and as a research graduate assistant in Health Services.

Working under Employee Wellness Coordinator Karl Lenser, Lankireddy was instrumental in supporting employee wellness efforts at UA Little Rock.

Jo Lankireddy and Karl Lenser
Jo Lankireddy and Karl Lenser

“Her technical skills, work ethic and engaging personality have made her an exemplary contributor to the wellness program,” Lenser said. “Her motivation to succeed in both school work and as my GA has been impressive, and I use her as an example for my children when they begin to complain about work/school issues.”

Her work in Health Services inspired her to create an app for her master’s degree project that would help people become healthier.

“It’s a one-stop shop for health and wellness,” Lankireddy said.

The app received second place during the Engineering and Information Technology Open House.  

Lankireddy has recommended UA Little Rock’s computer science program to many of her friends in India. She was especially inspired by Dr. Mariofanna Milanova.

“As a professor, Dr. Milanova teaches everything,” she said. “She doesn’t just explain the theory. She explains how the information is used in reality, what research is going on, and what competitions are going on in the field. She gives many opportunities to the students.”

Now that she has graduated, Lankireddy hopes to find a computer science job in Little Rock, so she can stay in the city she has grown to love.

“I don’t want to leave Little Rock,” she said.

In the upper right photo, Jo Lankireddy graduates from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock May 13 at the Jack Stephens Center. 

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