Fitness consultations now available for employees

UALR's New Employee Wellness Coordinator: Mr. Karl Lenser works with Marie Sandusky, the director of health services.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock Employee Wellness Program is now offering individualized fitness consultations to university employees.

“Scheduling a fitness consultation provides the employee with an opportunity to obtain some help and guidance in several areas,” said Karl Lenser, coordinator of the Employee Wellness Program.

Employees interested in a consultation will meet with Lenser to learn about ways they can speed up their metabolisms, lose excess belly fat, and perform exercises that can be done at home with inexpensive exercise equipment.

“Establishing a weight loss goal and then developing a plan on how to accomplish the goal is one benefit of a consult,” Lenser said. “I also demonstrate exercises that the employee may not be aware of. Overall, the consultations provide the employee a time to sit down and discuss their needs and get some direction and assistance that can help them.”

To sign up for the free consultation, contact Lenser at

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