Humphrey wins $10,000 on ‘Match Game’

Cheryl Humphrey hands Match Game Host Alec Baldwin a sample of her Candy Butta lotion.

Cheryl Humphrey, a graduate student studying music education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, won $10,000 on the fourth season premiere of the ABC game show “Match Game.” 

Humphrey also had the opportunity to show off her homemade line of scented shea butter skin care products, “Candy Butta,” to the celebrity panelists.

The North Little Rock resident presented “Match Game” Host Alec Baldwin with the Dark Knight version of her moisturizer because he is “mysteriously sexy.”

“Alec Baldwin has these tight eyes that make it look like he is looking at you in a mysterious way,” Humphrey said.

Baldwin proclaimed that it smelled like yogurt before handing it over to the celebrity panelists.

The six celebrities appearing on Humphrey’s June 21 episode included Kenan Thompson of “Saturday Night Live;” Niecy Nash of “Claws;” Thomas Lennon of “Reno 911!;” Caroline Rhea from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch;” Mark Duplass from “The League;” and Constance Zimmer of “Unreal.”

“It was amazing, mind blowing, and there was so much love shown to me from those celebrities,” Humphrey said. “They really enjoyed my Candy Butta. It’s a homemade product, and I had only been in production for one year when I was on the game. I created something to help people, and the celebrities showed me so much love. That is what touched my heart.”

In the game’s first round, Humphrey answered two questions to try to gain the most matches with the celebrity panel. In the first question, “I’m not saying Niecey Nash is a diva, but before every show she demands a champagne bath, a basket of puppies, and a long [blank] from me,” Humphrey’s answer – “hug” – only matched Lennon’s.

While down 5-1 against her opponent, Humphrey made a dramatic comeback with the second question: “Insecure Ivan is so insecure he won’t even let his boyfriend be near fictional men. That’s why he went to the liquor cabinet and threw out all the bottles of [blank].” Her answer – “whisky” – matched the remaining five celebrities’ answers of Jack Daniels.

Humphrey moved on to the “Supermatch” round, where she had a chance to win up to $25,000. She won $2,000 by selecting the third-most popular audience answer, “bed,” to “Go to [blank].” 

Cheryl Humphrey hugs celebrity panelist Niecy Nash after Humphrey won $10,000.
Cheryl Humphrey hugs celebrity panelist Niecy Nash after Humphrey won $10,000.

In the final question, Humphrey won $10,000 by matching Nash’s answer, “paintbrush,” to the question, “paint [blank].” She then shared a victory dance with Thompson.

Humphrey plans to use her winnings to help her achieve her dream of opening a store where she can sell Candy Butta products while giving vocal lessons. Humphrey is a singer who performs as CandySoul.

“That is my goal to spread love through music, butter, and education,” she said.

Humphrey started Candy Butta two years ago after she got tired of using skin products filled with chemicals.

“I love the benefits of shea butter, but I did not like the smell or the texture,” she said. “I figured if I can make this premium blend and make it smell how I want it to smell, then I will use it on my skin. I would come to campus using stuff and people would ask, ‘What was that beautiful smell?’ They noticed that my dark spots were going away. They wanted to buy my products. I ended up selling a lot, so I thought I should go into business.”

In the upper right photo, Cheryl Humphrey hands Match Game Host Alec Baldwin a sample of her Candy Butta skin care product.

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