UA Little Rock welcomes 24 new faculty members

UALR sign at the entrance on S. University Dr near University Plaza on January 28, 2016.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock introduced 24 new faculty members to campus during the Faculty and Staff Convocation Aug. 16 in the University Theatre. 

Interim Provost Christina Drale welcomed the new faculty by recalling how faculty are often described as research- and community-engaged faculty members who serve as great student mentors and help students to build cultural and social capital while also serving the communities of  Little Rock and Arkansas.

“The identity that emerged from that discussion describes an institution that recognizes that as we strive for distinction in our research profile, our public service, and our educational programs, we also understand the life-changing responsibility that we hold for our students and our community,” Drale said. “All of us recognize that our students are counting on us to help them grow and reach their potential. As we welcome the new members of our campus community, as we celebrate the beginning of a new year, and contemplate our challenges ahead, remember that we have the capacity to do amazing things.” 

The new UA Little Rock faculty members include: 

  •     John Barbuto, instructor in the Department of Counseling, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation
  •     Justin Bunting, assistant professor of music
  •     Lindsey Clark, instructor of nursing
  •     Jennifer Dostert, instructor of nursing
  •     Kenneth Goff, assistant professor of music
  •     SeRena Hill, visiting assistant professor of public affairs
  •     Philip Huff, assistant professor of computer science and cybersecurity
  •     Kailash Jajam, assistant professor of engineering technology
  •     William Jergins, assistant professor of economics and finance
  •     Whitney Johnson-Freeman, data services librarian
  •     William Kerns, assistant professor of education
  •     Seunghyun Kim, assistant professor of marketing and advertising
  •     Stephanie Leacock, instructor of biology
  •     Lorissa Mason, assistant professor of music
  •     Brittany Mathis, instructor of nursing
  •     Farren Moore, assistant professor of nursing
  •     Ivan Rodriguez Conde, assistant professor of computer science
  •     Stuart Scheiderer, instructor in the Department of Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering
  •     Derek Slagle, assistant professor of public administration and director of the Survey Research Center
  •     Glenys Spence, visiting assistant professor of law
  •     Johni Beth Teague, instructor of nursing
  •     Frank Thurmond, visiting instructor of English
  •     Christopher Trudeau, visiting assistant professor, Bowen School of Law
  •     Brian Walker, visiting instructor of chemistry
  •     Kensuke Yamada, assistant professor of art
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