Getting Involved

We have been fortunate to have many talented and energetic people take an interest in our department – and we could always use more! If you would like to get involved, here are some of the ways:

Socratic Society

Join the Socratic Society to participate in and help plan events aimed at stimulating philosophical discussion in a fun and friendly community.

Ethics Bowl

For the competitive spirit, our Ethics Bowl Team works hard to conquer other groups of college philosophers from across the country in lively and respectful intellectual debate.

The Lyceum

Our Department Lounge (nicknamed the “Lyceum” after the meeting place of Aristotle’s philosophical school) is a good place to relax, hang out, chat with friends and professors, or get some work done. We also have snacks and water!


You may give a gift to the Department to help us with scholarships, student awards, and hosting speakers and events: Donate.