Blanket purchase orders required for copier leases and overages/incidentals

Many departments across campus lease copiers because it is the most convenient and economical way to meet their copier needs. However, pursuant to UA Little Rock’s Procurement Policy and Procedures, leasing copiers does require procurement action at the time of lease and then annually thereafter, while the lease is in force.

At the start of a new lease, and at the beginning of each successive fiscal year, each department with a copier lease must create two blanket requisitions. One requisition will be for the total annual lease payment and one for estimated overages and copier incidentals.

Copier Lease Blanket Requisition

The copier lease blanket requisition should be for the total amount of the annual lease payment (i.e., for a $300 monthly lease payment on a three year lease, the requisition would be for $3,600 for one year). To assist in processing, Procurement Services requests the following document text be included when entering the requisition:

  1. Renewal of copier lease for fiscal year (i.e., July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018).
  2. Location of the machine, including building and room number.
  3. If applicable, previous year purchase order number, for tracking purposes.
  4. The person authorized to sign release orders (receiver).

Once the purchase order is issued, the department completes the receiver and forwards to Accounts Payable. This will allow Accounts Payable to automatically pay the monthly lease payments to the vendor in a timely manner.

Overages/Incidental Blanket Requisition

To account for potential monthly overages and incidentals related to the copier, departments must enter a blanket requisition for the total estimated expenses for the fiscal year. If a department does not anticipate overages, it is still recommended that they enter a requisition for a minimum of $10. This can be increased or decreased, as necessary throughout the fiscal year, and will insure timely payment of all invoices. Please include the following document text when entering the requisition:

  1. Copier number(s)
  2. Overage information
  3. You may use one purchase order for multiple copiers if the same FOAPAL is used.
  4. The person authorized to sign release orders.

Upon receipt of overage/incidental invoices from the copier vendor(s), Accounts Payable will forward them to the department for review and completion of the receiver before issuing payment. Creation of overage/incidental blanket requisitions will drastically increase payment processing to the copier vendor(s) and ensure continual copier service.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance setting up these blanket orders, please contact Michael Adams in Procurement Services (; 501.569.3029).

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