Banner 9 Procurement Quick Reference Guides and FAQs

Banner 9 is here! As we come across instructions, hints, and other information that will be helpful in navigating procurement functions, they will be posted here. Also, if you have helpful hints or come across beneficial resources, please share them with us!

Viewing Queries and Reports (FPIPURR and FOIDOCH)

Frequently Asked Questions

FormNameFunctionQuick Reference Guide
FOIDOCHDocument HistoryAllows you to enter any finance document (PO, REQ, INV) and then see all other associated finance documents.QRG
FPAREQNRequisition EntryTo create or update existing requisitionsQRG
FPIREQNRequisition InquiryTo view an existing requisition, no changes allowedQRG
FOAPOXTProcurement Text EntryTo enter additional information in the textQRG
FPARDELRequisition CancellationTo cancel a requisitionQRG
FOIAINPApproval NotificationApprovers notified of documents to approve
FOAUAPPUser ApprovalTo approve requisitionsQRG
FOAAINPDocument ApprovalTo see who needs to approve a requisitionQRG
FOIAPPHDocument Approval HistoryTo see who and when a requisition was approved
FPARCVDReceiving DoosTo create a receiver after the goods or services have been delivered
FGIOENCOrganizational Encumbrance ListTo see all open encumbrances by fund or org
FGIENCDDetail Encumbrance ActivityTo see all the activity on any specific encumbrance (EO, REQ, PO)
FGIBAVLBudget Availability StatusTo see the available budget balanceQRG
FGIBDSTOrganization Budget StatusTo view your budget and related expense amountsQRG
FGITRNDDetail Transaction ActivityTo see all transactions of a fund and org
FGIBDSRExecutive SummeryTo see a summarized view of all accounts in a budget
FTIIDENEntity Name/ID SearchTo search for vendors or people in Banner
GUIALTIID SearchTo search for vendors or people in Banner
FAIVNDHVendor Detail HistoryTo see the payment history for a specific vendor
FPIOPOVPurchase Orders by VendorTo see a list of POs for a specific vendor by line item
GUAMESGGeneral MessageTo view Banner messagesQRG
GUAPMNUMy Banner MaintenanceTo create a personal menu tied to Banner IDQRG
Keyboard ShortcutsTable of Keyboard ShortcutsQRG
Procurement Banner FormsTable of Procurement Banner FormsQRG