Professional Services

Professional and Consultant Services Contracts are under the supervision of Allen Stanley, contract review manager, Office of Finance and Administration. These services are defined as:

  • Contractual agreements between an individual or organization and UA Little Rock in which the primary service is advice or guidance on a particular subject or problem.
  • UA Little Rock does not exercise managerial control over the day-to-day activities of the contractor.
  • Contract specifies the results expected from the services.

Contracts over $50,000 must be presented to the Legislative Council or to the Joint Budget Committee for review, once reviewed and approved by the contract review manager.

All contracts and any agreement that requires a signature shall be presented to the contract review manager for review. Visit the Contract Service’s website for further information. Submission requires a copy of the contract and specific forms that must accompany the contract and can be submitted electronically through the Contract Service’s website submission portal. Procurement Services assists in scheduling these contracts for Legislative/Joint Budget review and prepares the monthly reports due the Office of State Procurement.

Contract Forms