Recommendations Report: 2012 Racial Attitudes Conference

Individuals who participated in the in the 9th Annual Racial Attitudes Roundtable Strategy Session represented a diverse group across racial, ethnic, gender, and professional lines. The participants developed a number of recommendations to promote accountability, highlight responsibilities and find opportunities for growth in media reporting related to issues of race and ethnicity. Included in this document are the status of these recommendations. Consider including some of the recommendations into your personal or work agenda.

The recommendations are grouped into the following categories:

1. Implementations – Recommendations for which the Institute has developed initiatives, projects, or activities.

2. Developmental Stage – Recommendations for which the Institute is currently developing initiatives, projects, or activities.

3. Community Tasks – Recommendations which are more appropriate for individuals or groups in Arkansas to assume responsibility.

To download the full report, see the 2012 Roundtable Strategy Session Recommendations.

For information about the next conference, see the 10th Annual Racial Attitudes Conference page.