Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Guide

Logging in and getting in the Queue

ACD Guide 1

ACD Guide 2

ACD Guide 3

During the call you will be able to enter the Line of Business code corresponding to the subject you’re currently assisting the student with

These codes are:

130 – Transcript Questions
131 – Drop/Withdraw Questions
132 – Registration Questions
133 – Verification Questions
134 – BOSS/Pin Reset Questions
135 – Transfer Credit Questions
136 – Graduation/Commencement Questions
137 – Miscellaneous
138 – Forgot to enter the code (default)

ACD Guide 4

If you miss a call you will be taken out of the ACD system and will need to log in again.


After Calls

After the call has ended, the Not Ready arrow will be flashing.

ACD Guide 4

You have roughly 1 minute of Wrap Up time to enter any notes or prepare for the next call. If you are ready for the next call before wrap up time finishes, you can press the Not Ready twice to be put back in the ACD queue.

To log out:

Press the Make Busy button until the arrow is flashing.

ACD Guide 5