Unofficial student degree evaluation

The unofficial student degree evaluation shows your progress in your current major or gives you the opportunity to see what requirements you have met in a different major using the What-If Analysis. If you have any questions about your unofficial student degree evaluation please contact your academic advisor. If you are an undergraduate student, with a starting catalog year of Fall 2017 or later, you will access your Unofficial Degree Evaluation through DegreeWorks. Graduate students with a catalog year of Fall 2016 and later can also access their Unofficial Degree Evaluation in DegreeWorks. More information on DegreeWorks can be found here.

Getting started

Log into BOSS and follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Student Services tab in BOSS.


Step 2: Select Student Records from the list of links.


Step 3: Select Unofficial Student Degree Evaluation


Step 4: Leave the current term that is showing selected and Submit.


Step 5: Look over your information and then select Generate New Evaluation to see the evaluation based on the major shown.


Step 6: Select the program and generate your request. If you are undeclared, used the What-If Analysis.


Generate a new evaluation

The following screenshots in this example evaluation will assist you in understanding the context of your student degree evaluation. Please note: If you have not yet declared a major you must use the What-If Analysis. Also, note that these evaluations are for your convenience and are not official unless produced by your academic advisor.




DegreeAudit3EDITED DegreeAudit4EDITED

Generate a what-if analysis