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Michael Flannery, Professor of Law

As a national expert on living trusts, Michael T. Flannery produced three comprehensive books last year. He co-authored a textbook and teacher’s manual, “The Prudent Investing of Trusts: Causes and Materials,” with Professor Raymond O’Brien of Catholic University Law School. Flannery was sole revision editor for “Living Trusts: Form and Practice,” a detailed exploration of legal issues entailed by living trusts. The publishers were so pleased with his work that he has since signed a long-term contract and will continue his revisions for several years.

Professor Flannery is a regular contributor to LexNexis Expert Commentary, a service of Lexis-Nexis’ Estates, Gifts, and Trust Emerging Issues Library.

During 2009, Professor Flannery wrote five expert commentaries on topics ranging from accounting issues in living trusts to the adoption of adults. He also wrote a number of articles, including “Military Disability Election and the Distribution of Marital Property Upon Divorce,” a paper cited by the Supreme Court of Texas.

Updated 5.20.2010