The Poetry Web Site

Taught by Ralph Burns
Office: Fifth floor of Stabler Hall, UALR
Phone: 569-8314

Part of this course will refer to this web site, which requires for students to subscribe to our discussion lists, to have access to the world wide web, and to be familiar with word processing and the internet. This course also assumes that students have taken introduction to creative writing. Although this course is partly online, I will require that students meet with me periodically for individual conferences. I expect a minimum of 10 pages of poetry to be submitted to our discussion list regularly. You should think in terms of about one poem per week.

Please understand that this is an interactive course which assumes your vital participation. The two discussion lists are 1) the "real time" list; and 2) the "bulletin board." It is my hope that this course encourages that element of the workshop model. I expect for every student to respond in the discussion list to every poem submitted to that list. I will grade you in part in the quality of those discussions, which will be ongoing, over the course of the semester.

During our discussions via the list I will refer to several links on our web site. I will also refer you to the work of other poets, and to other works, as our discussions evolve.

In my figuring your grade, your discussions help; your timely contributions of poems help; what I consider to be your sincere attempts at improving your own writing helps.

The primary text for this course will be our discussion list and our referrals to links on the web site and, of course, to selected holdings in the library. I also expect you to access web pages for electronic journals such as





and others. (There is no charge for you to visit these web pages, and each magazine includes a number of poems for you to read.) There are other discussion lists such as Speakeasy, a discussion list and online workshop for writers around the country to which you might subscribe (free of charge). And Yahoo! has a web site which includes over thirty contemporary poets (again, free).

Pursuant to federal and state law, it is the policy of UALR to accommodate students with disabilities. The English Department chair is also available to assist with accommodations. I encourage students with disabilities to contact the Office of Students with Disabilities Services.

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