Department Scholarship Set-Up

2018-19 Departmental Scholarship Set-up Form

This form is used to set up the total budget amount available to award from the scholarship FOPAL for fall 2018 and spring 2019. It is also used to grant department designee access to post the award in Banner. This form is required once per aid year. A new form will be required if the department receives additional scholarship monies during the year and/or wishes to increase the budget for a scholarship. PLEASE NOTE: It is the department's responsibility to provide budget information to the Office of Financial Aid and to monitor its own scholarship accounts. The department is solely responsible for any negative (deficit) scholarship account balances. The Banner report RWPDEPT is a great tool for monitoring scholarship expenditures.
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  • Fund CodeDetail CodeEmployee NameBanner UsernameEmail Address 
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  • *A different awarding procedure is required to award scholarships with funds through the University of Arkansas Foundation. If you are unsure whether your scholarship is awarded through the University of Arkansas Foundation, please email


Application Process


Apply for admission
If you are just starting at UA Little Rock, make sure you have completed the online admissions application, or proceed if you are a continuing student.


Have a current FAFSA application on file
You must have your current FAFSA completed for the award year in which you are applying, prior to the scholarship opportunity deadline in order to be considered.


Access your Trojan SMART scholarship application
By filling out the online scholarship application and submitting required documents, you apply for a variety of UA Little Rock scholarships in one spot.