Annual Reports

The Donaghey Student Center (DSC) produces an annual report each fiscal year to record how the DSC is meeting institutional challenges and enhancing the quality of campus life and to highlight noteworthy activities, challenges and opportunities, trends and implications.  The process of collecting information and data, synthesizing that information and writing the annual report provide management and staff the opportunity to assess the DSC through multiple lens including fiscal, personnel, program, practices and procedures.  As a result management is better able to determine which programs to standardize and make institutional, make course corrections, continually improve, develop strategic actions and responses, and organize the DSC’s limited resources (human, fiscal, operational) to better achieve its commitment to student development, service, and community.

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 AnRep-SD-DSC FY2000.xls

AnRep-SD-DSC FY2001.xls

AnRep-SD-DSC FY2002.xls

AnRep-SD-DSC FY2003 w_charts.xls

DSC Annual Report FY06.xls

DSC Annual Report FY07.xls

DSC Annual Report FY08.xls