The following policies and procedures govern the reservation and use of all facilities in the Donaghey Student Center (DSC) including meeting rooms, solicitation tables/booths, display cases, open/public areas, and dining areas. Policies and procedures of the DSC may be modified without notice. Contact  DSC Conference Services for the most current policies and procedures. When a non-UA Little Rock Client has an event on the UA Little Rock campus that requires the use of multiple services (e.g. Housing, Dining, and the DSC), arrangements for the event should be coordinated individually with each department.

Policies & Procedures

General Policies

If any food or beverages are to be served for the event scheduled, the DSC Conference Services office must be notified and arrangements for catered food services be made with the UA Little Rock Sodexo Catering (501)569-3360. When advertising an event scheduled in the DSC, the client must reflect accurate event starting and ending times as arranged with and confirmed by the DSC.

Please adhere to the DSC policies and procedures on solicitations and postings. These policies essentially protect the facility from marks on surfaces and prevent visual disarray in the facility. It is the client’s responsibility to remove all decorations and other property of the organization immediately at the conclusion of the event. To avoid additional charges, the client should remove all decorations and property at the conclusion of the event.

Clients are encouraged to arrive at least one hour before the event to confirm that the set-up request has been completed to satisfaction. Conference Services will gladly fine-tune the set-up per arrangement at the time of reservation. Changes to the original request may result in additional labor costs. There shall be no use in any form of open flames in the DSC (e.g. candles, matches) unless given prior approval by Management. [back to top]

Reservation Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures governing the scheduling of activities by Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) are stated in the Student Handbook. Further policies and procedures for the DSC are as follows:

Where to make reservations?
Reservations for any room or space in the DSC and all areas immediately surrounding the DSC (including the mall area between the Diamond Area and Mail Services, Fitness & Aquatics) may be made through our ASTRA scheduler at (DSC Room 201). The use of the area outside the DSC building must also be approved by the UA Little Rock Facilities Management department.

How far in advance?
Any form of organized meeting, gathering, solicitation, or event held in the DSC must be scheduled least five full business days before the day of the event. Reservations may be made by submitting a request through ASTRA at

In the case of a major event, a minimum advance notice of four weeks is requested. A major event is defined as an event that involves any one of the following criteria: a) involves more than 8 hrs of rental time; b) attendance of more than 200 people; or c) requires over 10 labor hours for preparation and supervision.

Who should make the reservation?
An official representative of the organization shall make all reservations.

Equipment & Set-up Requests
All requests for the use of tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, staging, public address system, etc., and a desired room set-up, may be made at the Office of Conference Services at time of the reservation or no later than five (5) full days before the event. Any changes to the existing set-up must be communicated to the management three (3) full days in advance. If a client requests changes in less than three days, additional charges may be applied.

General Use Policies
The management reserves the right to allocate an appropriate room or space to match the nature of the event or activity. Facilities will be available to a client for the times reserved and reflected on the UA Little Rock reservation. If the scheduled event requires any preparation or set-up time (including set-up by the DSC staff), this must be noted in the documentation and is considered part of the reservation time.

If a reservation is granted, the University reserves the right to rescind its action if it should be determined, subsequent to the approval of the request, that the facilities involved are needed by UA Little Rock due to extraneous circumstances. All attempts will be made on the part of the DSC to prevent such a situation. The DSC will attempt to offer alternate solutions.

Cancellations & No-Shows

Clients must notify the Administrative Office of a cancellation at least 5 full business days in advance of the day of the scheduled event to avoid the cancellation penalties. [back to top]

Steps to Reserving a Facility

For UA Little Rock Registered Student Organizations

  1. Submit a request through ASTRA at to reserve the facility.
  2. Submit a completed On-Campus Event form to the Student Experience Center for approval (a form is not complete unless all required signatures are on the form).
  3. Student Experience Center approves and forwards approved On-Campus Event form to DSC Conference Services.
  4. DSC Conference Services will approve request once all required paperwork is received.
  5. You will get a confirmation email is the space is available. If space is not available you will receive a request for more information to find an alternate location or time for your event.

For UA Little Rock Departments

  • Submit a request through ASTRA at to reserve the facility.
  • An confirmation email is sent once the request has been approved.
  • Conference Services Staff will contact the person who requested the event if there is a scheduling conflict or if the space is unavailable to find an alternate space or time.

For Non-UA Little Rock Clients

  1. Submit an ASTRA request, email (, or call the DSC Conference Services to to ask about availability for events.
  2. If the event scheduled is in conflict with the interests or policies of UA Little Rock, further approvals may be necessary. Otherwise the reservation is consummated at the DSC. [back to top]

Scheduling Priorities

The scheduling of events and activities is done on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the established scheduling priorities. The following priority shall apply in the reservation and scheduling of DSC facilities. Once reservations are confirmed to a client, it shall be honored by the DSC, unless the facility is needed by UALR for extraneous circumstances.

  • Priority 1: DSC events and activities, UA Little Rock Registered Student Organizations, Student Activities published events, and Leisure Science classes.
  • Priority 2: UA Little Rock colleges or schools, departments, Intercollegiate Athletics, and other organizational units of the university.
  • Priority 3: UA Little Rock organizations composed exclusively of faculty and/or staff.
  • Priority 4: Organizations which exist solely for the benefit of the university which do not fit Priorities 1 – 3.
  • Priority 5: Groups or organizations not affiliated with UA Little Rock.

With the exception of any applicable Leisure Science classes (as per arrangement with the management), academic classes, lectures, laboratories, tests, or any type of class for credit or non-credit may NOT be scheduled in the DSC.  DSC management reserves the right to provide exceptions for unique cases. [back to top]

Event Confirmations

DSC Conference Service will email a request for confirmation of events. Emails go out a week before your event. Please make sure to reply and confirm events in order for us to have your room ready for your event. The email requests for you send in any changes such as setup, expected attendance, etc. You are also able to request any special setups such as stage, backdrop, or food tables.

Please reference the facility maps below for room locations.

DSC Upper LevelDSC Lower Level

Other Contact Information

If you have other questions, click here for the contact information for Conference Services. [back to top]