Starting an Organization

Interested in starting a new organization? Follow these steps:

First check out the Organization Directory t0 be sure there isn’t already a group like yours on campus. If there is, great! Use the provided contact information to get involved.
If not, use this checklist to compile everything you need to start an organization of your own:
  • Get the right people together; you’ll need at least 5 students and 1 advisor.
  • Draft some governing documents, these can be a constitution, bylaws, or both!
    • If you are part of a national organization, they might have pre-made documents for you to use, so check with them.
    • If not, we can provide an example to help you create new governing documents.
  • With governing documents ready, complete these three online forms:
  • Finally, have your advisor sign an Advisor Agreement and turn it in to the Student Experience Center in DSC 216.
  • Check in with the SEC ( once you have completed each step.