Become a Mentor

The mentoring program gives first-time entering and transfer freshmen a chance to get connected with peer success advisors and professional mentors to help ease the transition into college.

Students can rely on mentors to answer questions regarding the university and guidance to resources for academic support.

Students participate in numerous relationship building activities and academic workshops throughout the year. The program provides opportunities for both formal and informal mentor relationships among SADI members and other students on campus as well.

Peer Success Advisors (Mentors)

Upper class UA Little Rock students who excel academically and exemplify strong leadership skills are encouraged to become peer-to-peer mentors to SADI participants.

In addition to mentoring responsibilities, peer success advisors gain valuable experience by participating in numerous leadership trainings and working directly with staff to develop an interactive, educational experience for incoming freshmen.

Mentor ’20-’21 Application Timeline

Application Opens: Tuesday, March 31st

Application Closes: Sunday, April 12th

Video Interviews: Thursday, April 16th (date subject to change; will stay w/in the week of April 13th)

Position Offers: day following video interviews