UALR's Student Success Institute

Student Success Institute

Student Success Institute for Juniors and Seniors

At this point in your academic career, preparation for the workplace is crucial. The objective of this program is to continue monitor your progress towards graduation and to prepare you for professional and graduate experiences.

In the Institute you WILL
  • Complete a graduation plan detailing your academic plans for the next semester
  • Be rewarded for your academic achievement at the completion of each semester
  • Prepare graduate school examinations
  • Prepare for professional interviews
  • Network with current professional in your future career field
WHEN you graduate you will be honored
  • Through a graduation dinner
  • Leather portfolio
  • Stole to wear on your graduation day
Want to learn more?

Contact Student Services Success Initiatives at or 501.569.8713.

To join an SSSI program, go to the Registration Form.