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Student Academic Seminar for a Successful & Enhanced Education

TRIO Student Support Services has a tailored program to help SSS students fine-tune basic student skills to enhance their education and successfully progress on their academic journey. Are you struggling with or wondering about any of the following?

  • How do I calculate my grades during the semester?
  • How do I contact my instructor with questions outside of class?
  • How do I keep track of all the exams, projects, readings, and deadlines?!
  • Whom can I contact if I become overwhelmed during the semester?
  • What do I do if I have a disability that causes me challenges as a student?
  • Is the library really a helpful resource, or just a space to study?
  • How can I use the library to my best benefit?
  • What if I don’t understand how to use Blackboard?  Who will help me?
  • Are there any rules of conduct I should be aware of as a student on campus?
  • Whom do I contact if I have an emergency on campus?
  • What programs are on campus to help me get academic support and encouragement?
  • How do I manage my time better and not drown in all my student responsibilities?
  • Show me the money:  Who has some?  How can I access it?
  • How do I better manage my own money?

These points, AND MANY MORE, are covered in the SASSEE classes offered by SSS. Sign up today, and be steps ahead toward a successful outcome for the semester!  Each Foundations class has two, two-hour sessions. When signing up, be sure to sign up for BOTH the A and B sessions of your chosen class. Multiple sessions are available, so sign up for your preferred weeks, days, and times soon, before the classes fill up! If you have questions about the program, the contents that will be covered, or how to sign up, feel free to contact the SSS staff by sending an email to We are here to serve and support you! Now, go get SASSEE and sign up today!

SASSEE schedule coming soon!

A schedule for SASSEE class sessions will be posted soon.   At that time, you will be able to select your choice of dates/times and sign up using the online registration form posted below.  Note: Each class has two, 2-hour sessions.  Students must attend both sessions to complete a class.

SASSEE Registration Form

Questions? Contact the SSS Staff at