Ebona TIMS (Telecommunications Instructional Modeling System)

Located in ETAS 307, TIMS units are hardware training systems, designed specifically for telecommunications and signal processing courses, that requires only an oscilloscope to use the system. A personal computer with RS-232 port can be used along with TIMS DSP modules can be used to develop programs.


TIMS gives students hands-on experience with the theories and concepts involved in the specific area of “transmission theory”. “Transmission” involves an original message being carried from one point to another, using either analog or digital modulation. TIMS will allow the students to learn about the concepts of the many sub-sections of a major telecommunications system: eg sampling and reconstruction; coding and decoding; modulation and demodulation; etc. After a student has learned and grasped these fundamental concepts, it is much easier for them to take this knowledge and apply it to HF electronics, microwaves, telephone lines, computer local area networks, and so on.

Experiments are made by patching together TIMS modules. Each module represents a fundamental telecommunications system building block. The block diagram of the text book can be quickly realised by patching together TIMS modules in accordance with the block diagram. TIMS is used to implement block diagrams, which are used to model mathematical equations, or the hardware realizations of telecommunications systems or signal processing schemes.

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