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HOme Fryed Set todayWe’ll Miss You Ben

We lost a good man.  Home Fry-ed Movies master hash slinger Ben Fry died in his home March 10th.   He was 54.  Ben so loved movies that he eagerly jumped at the chance to help produce a show about movies on UALR University Television.  And with a name like Fry, it had to be housed in a diner.   And so Home Fry-ed Movies began in 2010.  He did 23 shows.

The movies we used were public domain… as we had a very low budget.  But Ben always found a way to make them fun and educational.  He discussed film genres, directors, actors or technique. He did it with a joke or a bad pun delivered in that wonderful conspiratorial aside he shared with the audience.

Props were a mainstay at the diner and they often revolved around food.  Food that Ben would eat bravely.  Folks those french fries were cooked a couple of hours before taping.  The film would determine the menu…. so it could be lady fingers, shish-ke-Bob Hope, or squirty cheese. And Ben added that special “Ben Fry Magic.”  He was always ready to do “whatever” to make the program fun.

Here’s how Ben described our show in one of his scripts, “Welcome to Home Fry-ed Movies, where we take movies out of the frying pan and put them right into the fire, so you can enjoy them with that scorched, smoky smell that reminds you of the burned burgers you grew up with.”

Ben Fry


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