Gratuity clarification when using the P-Card

Recently we have had a need for clarification on how to calculate tips for the rare occasions we must purchase food with our P-Card and gratuity is within established etiquette. According to the Department of Finance and Administration, gratuity (tip) must be calculated before tax has been added to the bill.

For example:

Restaurant receipt subtotal: $120.00
Tax: $12.60
Total: $132.60
Tip:  $18  ($120 X .15=$18)
Total including tip:  $150.60

Please use this information to guide you when using your card for special events on behalf of the university.

Also remember to review per diem rates for the location you will be dining, as per diem rates must be followed by all state employees. Per diem rates may be accessed through a link on our website under travel resources:

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