Authorization for Direct Deposit of Non-Payroll Reimbursements

This authorization cannot be used to initiate or change direct deposit arrangements for payroll. Those arrangements must be made separately with the Payroll Office on the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll form. Contact Payroll at or 501-916-3136 for assistance.

There are two ways you can set up direct deposit for non-payroll reimbursements (travel or other reimbursements): 1) through BOSS; or 2) by completing the Authorization form linked below. The preferred method is online through your BOSS account because the change is made immediately and is the most secure. It may take up to a week for the paper Authorization form process to take effect.

Instructions – BOSS Setup

  1. Log into BOSS
  2. Click the Employee tab or Employee Services link
  3. Select the Direct Deposit Authorization of Travel Reimbursement link.
  4. If you are setting up a new direct deposit designation,
    1. Read the authorization statement and click “I Agree.”
    2. Enter your bank account routing number, account number, and select the type of account from the drop down box. Click “Submit.”
    3. Reenter your bank account number for verification. Click “Submit.”
    4. You are then given an option to print your authorization, if you desire.
  5. If you would like to change your account information,
    1. Click “Change Account.”
    2. Enter the new bank account information and click “Submit.”
    3. Reenter your bank account number for verification and click “Submit.”
    4. Print your your authorization, if desired.
  6. Changes are effective immediately.

Instructions – Paper Process

  1. Complete the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Non-Payroll Reimbursements form.
  2. Attach a voided check for account verification, if available. This is not required.
  3. Submit the signed form to Accounts Payable. Changes will be effective 7 working days following receipt by Accounts Payable.
  4. IMPORTANT: Do not close your account until all changes are verified.

If you have questions or need assistance setting up your authorization for direct deposit of non-payroll reimbursements, please contact Accounts Payable at or 501-916-3318.