Travel Card Application

Travel Card Application

If you have any accounts payable duties or functions, a Travel Card will not be issued.

Section A – Applicant Information *Required Fields
This section is to be completed by the employee requesting the Travel Card.

Enter Cardholder’s Information*

Name, T#, last 4 digits of social security number, business email address, business mailing address, and business phone.

Emergency Contact Number

While in travel status, the bank may need to contact you for emergency purposes (i.e., fraud, multiple or suspicious charges). Please provide a cell phone number or a number where you can be reached for emergency and after-hours purposes.

FOAPAL – Enter General Accounting Code

You must provide a FOAPAL when completing this form. This is the account against which the bank will post your transactions.

Section B – To Be Completed by Procurement Services *Required Fields

Section C – Applicant Understanding and Signature *Required Signature

*Applicant signs and dates the application.
*Budgetary Head signs and dates the application.
*Travel Supervisor in Procurement Services signs and dates the application.

Section D – Exception – Credit Limit Required Signatures
This section is only completed when the applicant requests a credit limit over $10,000.

  • Credit limit request $10,001-$24,999 requires budgetary head to print, sign, and date the application.
  • Credit limit request $25,000 and above requires a one-up (from the budgetary head) to print, sign, and date the application.

Submit completed application and agreement form to UA Little Rock Procurement Services. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please contact Antionette Harper at or 501.569.8702 or Sandra Phillips at or 501.537.0053 for mandatory training after the account has been set up.