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Accessing University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Online Systems

This document is intended to help students get started with UALR’s online systems. Please familiarize yourself with UALR’s Network Guidelines and Regulations. In the following examples, we have used the student “Jane Smith” to illustrate how a student would login to the various systems at UALR.

Access to BOSS

BOSS is a self-service information system used by UALR students for numerous reasons, but most commonly used to set up and change password, add and drop classes, make payments, and view midterm/final course grades.

To access BOSS directly (at, a student must know his or her T-number and BOSS PIN. As a student at UALR, your student ID number, also called T-number, can be located on your acceptance letter. If you do not know this information, you can contact Records and Registration at 501.569.3110

At the Secure Login screen, Jane Smith needs to enter her T-number for the User ID and then her PIN number. If you do not know your PIN number, you can reset your PIN.


Once you are logged into BOSS, you will be able to locate your NetID, email address, and Windows Network ID, or the user name used to log onto the campus computers. Before you are able to log into your email, blackboard, or use the campus computers for the first time, you must log into BOSS to set your password, as this password can be used as a universal password for all UALR accounts.

Setting or Changing Your Password

Once you are able to login to BOSS, you can follow the instructions below to set or change your passwords. Please follow the guidelines for setting a strong password.

  1. Log into BOSS.

  2. Select Personal Information.

  3. Select Change Passwords or View Usernames.

  4. For each password you want to change, check the box next to the account.

  5. Enter your new password into the text field, and confirm by entering the password again.

  6. Select the Change Passwords on Selected Systems button.

Access to EmailBlackboard, and Wifi 

Your UALR email account is the primary method of communication from UALR. It is necessary for all students to check and use their UALR email accounts daily to receive emergency alerts, registration and billing information, campus announcements, and other critical notices–specifically communication from your faculty members. Your email address can be found within BOSS under Change Passwords or View Usernames.

To access your email, you will login by using your NetID and password. To begin you can use the quick links on the UALR home page or go directly to Jane Smith’s NetID is js5.



UALR’s learning management system Blackboard is used to deliver course content. Additionally, many faculty members post on-going semester progress within the gradebook in Blackboard.  Follow these instructions to log in to Blackboard. You may want to check out the how-to guides or  contact UALR’s Blackboard support team if you need assistance.

Student workshops for using Blackboard will be held on campus during the first week of classes from Monday, August 17 through Thursday, August 20 in Dickinson Hall (located on the east side of the campus map) at the following times:

  • 10:30-11:00 am

  • 11:00-11:30 am

  • 2:30-3:00 pm

  • 3:00-3:30 pm

Logging into Campus Computers and UALR Wifi

Use your Windows Network ID to log into the computer systems at UALR. (Your Windows Newtwork ID, or user ID when using a campus computer, can be found in BOSS under Change Passwords or View Usernames.) Jane Smith’s ID is jxsmith, which is also the first portion of Jane’s email address.

To access campus wifi while on any UALR campus, select “UALR” as your wifi network, and then use your NetID and Password to login. You can read more about UALR’s campus wireless internet.

If you are looking for a location on campus to set up your access, visit the student computer lab located on the first floor of the Ottenheimer Library (LIB 104) on UALR’s main campus.

Support from Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS provides support through either self-service options or contact them directly by:

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