LTF-Infused ALTERNATIVE Workshops:

For new hires/new assignments/missed the summer workshops that need access to the curriculum. Individual training/orientation is scheduled for that teacher with the director of that content via zoom. The teacher will have access to the site for the one school year.

***This abbreviated workshop DOES NOT grant PreAP endorsement.

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At this time, for the safety of  the participants, presenters, and AR AIMS staff, we have made the decision to host the Fall Conference Workshops Virtually via Zoom. 



If your school is not an AR AIMS Active Partner, a preview of what you’re missing is below.  If you would like to become an AR AIMS School in 2021-2022, please contact Lynn Harrison-Bullard at slharrison2@ualr.edu or call at 501-650-5765.  

2020-21 Content Supplemental Information and Resources

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B. Math Page

C. Science Page



NEW FROM THE ADE (Updated July 14, 2020)
Recently, a Commissioner’s Memo from ADE, announced that ADE allows AP teachers to receive their 5 year AP “re-certification” by attending the AR AIMS Fall AP Workshop AND the Spring Mock Reading Workshop. You must attend BOTH in the same school year for this re-certification. (Note: New AP teachers must attend an APSI for their initial endorsement.) This is available for AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Literature, AP Language, AP Statistics and AP Calculus.
AR AIMS LTF-Infused professional development meets the requirements for ADE’s PreAP Certification; ADE requires that teachers attend a sanctioned outlet to obtain PreAP Certification at least every 5 years.
Teachers receive access to an AR AIMS PAP Google Site when they attend a 24 hour training in their content area. Teachers will have access to the site for three years.